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I am making the following lectures open to the public. If you use them for any purpose beyond your own edification, please do attribute them to me. Note that these lectures were designed in units, and only some units are offered for public consumption: I haven't posted lectures that use copyrighted material (usually graphics) which I may use in my own courses under Fair Use rules, but which I do not have the right to distribute.

Each lecture is (or will be) offered in several different formats: a version with both audio and video (to see this you will need a Flash viewer installed on your computer -- 98% of computers have these, though iPads don't), a text version in pdf (for which you will need an Adobe Acrobat reader), and an audio-only version in MP3 format. Audio may take a minute to load, and could open in Windows Media Player or Quick Time, depending on how your computer is configured.

Flash presentations were produced with Adobe Presenter. Audio was recorded with Adobe Soundbooth.

Northeast Mediterranean
Regions of Greece
Southern Greece
Major Cities in Southern & Central Greece
Island Chains
Ionia and Seas

Introductory Lectures
Lecture Presentation Powerpoint Text Audio Only
What is Greece? Flash Text
Geography of Greece Flash Text
Mediterranean, African, and Asian Geography Flash Text
Greek Chronology Flash Text

Bronze Age and the Mycenaeans
Lecture Presentation Powerpoint Text Audio Only
Greek Bronze Age Flash Text
Linear B Flash Text
Reading Myceanaean Texts Flash Text
Mycenaean Government and Social Organization Flash Text
The Mycenaean Economy Flash Text
Minoan Religion Flash Text
Mycenaean Religion Flash Text

Classical Greece
Lecture Presentation Powerpoint Text Audio Only
Background to Persian Wars Flash Text
Persian Wars Flash Text
Peloponnesian War Flash Text
Athenian Social Organization Flash Text
Athenian Democracy Flash Text
The Acropolis Flash Text
Greek Sanctuaries, including Eleusis Flash Text
More Sanctuaries: Olympia and Delphi Flash Text

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